Ebony Sade Westbrook was born November 29 1986 in Los Angeles California.

As a little girl, Ebony always was an artist and loved to share her talents with friends and family. “My mother told me I love to sing and do crafting work. My mother was right, it’s a part of me.”

At age 17, Ebony faced a tragic event in her life of losing her mother to breast cancer in November 2004. This was a difficult time for Ms. Westbrook, but what inspired her to continue with her life was to have faith in God. Ebony moved to Oakland California to continue her education at Saint Mary’s College and became a self-taught jewelry designer. “ Jewelry designing helped me overcome depression from my mother’s death. Instead, I choose to celebrate her life. She loves earrings” said Ebony.

In 2011, Ms. Westbrook graduated with a communication degree and her jewelry has been featured in The MOAD Museum (2009), Bead Trend magazine (2011) and RAW Artist Show (2013) .


Currently Ms. Westbrook lives in Oakland California. She works as a Intervention Specialist/after school teacher at a elementary school and a part time jewelry teacher at Blue Bead Door.

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